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November 27, 2011

In my mind I’m goin’ to Carolina…

Myrtle Beach is certainly the land of plantations, they apply that moniker quite liberally, whether it’s a posh golf resort, or a run-of-the-mill apartment complex.  They must just like the sound of it I guess…
The Myrtle Beach Travel Park where we spent the night is really a mini-city, complete with over 900 sites, pools, game rooms, lazy river, beach access (literally 15 yards from the Queen Mary), a real store, cafe, and a lake that says ‘no swimming’ and in REALLY small letters says ‘NC State Law prohibits feeding alligators’.  Now if I had designed that map, I would have placed the word alligator a little more prominently.  Perhaps prehistoric reptiles just don’t scare people around here the way they do me.  When I’m in this part of the country I avoid EVERY body of water, sign or no sign.

Wm’s friend Jim came and picked us up for dinner where he regaled us with his tales of the single life in Myrtle beach.  Like Florida, it’s a single person’s paradise & is the home of ‘The Shag’.  Yes, that particular slow jitterbug style of dancing, along with its own particular music to go with it, is quite important here.  There are two huge competitions every year & countless clubs where this ‘art form’ is practiced.  According to Jim, who lives here full time now, he’s about had enough of watching this ‘twinkle-toes’ kind of dancing.  We’ll just have to trust him on that one!

Yesterday we moved on down Highway 17 to Charleston.  We stopped at Pawley’s Island to meet some friends from Tucson who were heading north on the same highway.  Life is just full of little quirks.  Shared a meal, Betsy had grits, since she is from this part of the country & actually thinks they are tasty. We caught up quickly before we headed off in opposite directions again.

Checked into the Oak Plantation Campground outside Charleston, SC.  It almost deserves the name…huge trees, set back off the road, grassy sites, and there are even 3 cows on the property-that’s a first for us on this trip.  Took a carriage tour to check out the famous houses downtown.  The ones on the waterfront are particularly gorgeous.  There are no church bells in this town, as the Confederacy melted them all down for bullets, and they never replaced them.  You gotta do what you gotta do… According to our guide, Charleston is the 3rd most haunted city in the US, New Orleans being number 1, and Savannah being number 2.  Didn’t meet any ghosties, but I’m sure they are here somewhere.  All I can say is, thank goodness Sherman didn’t torch this city, what a shame that would have been.

Yours from the road,
Cathy & Wm

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