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She Knows Cars: Test Drive the new GMC Denali

Planning a road trip and vacation for a family of four adults, plus two children still in car seats, can be an ambitious undertaking. Let’s just say I had no idea how six hours with two children under 3, a son- in-law who tex...
by eboni


KFC releases Go-Cup; promotes safer alternatives for eating & driving

I, along with the rest of the American population, often observe people eating, dancing, singing, changing clothes, doing makeup and even taking selfies while driving. And though it is quite amusing, it is also extremely danger...
by eboni

Fiat Turbo Full View

High-heel shifting; 2013 FIAT 500 Turbo Hatchback

Just when I thought I had driven a cool FIAT, and established the Italians and every other country was coming in the 500L, I discovered another FIAT 500 in my driveway to test for a week. Not a problem I thought, I am getting u...
by eboni



The Italians are here! 2014 FIAT 500L A Car for All Countries

You have to love the FIAT vehicle branding, you know the commercials with beautiful Italian women seducing nerdy guys in front of a Fiat 500 Abarth,  to the recent ads with a scene from the days of Paul Revere yelling “the I...
by eboni


Kia’s got some social swag; sponsors Inaugural Youtube Music Awards

Kia makes history by partnering with the world’s most popular online video community, none other then the billion viewing video host Youtube. Kia will be sponsoring the first annual Youtube Music Awards, which will feature La...
by eboni