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After a summer and fall filled with family trips and a few golf outings with friends, my husband and I decided to redeem some of our Marriott points and spend a long weekend in Newport Beach, California. We planned this trip as...
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Interview with Mario Andretti-professional driving icon

Mario Andretti is an Icon; Mario Andretti’s legacy is easy… He drove the careers of three men. He drove  with a passion and joy that few have equaled… and he won.  Mario Andretti took the checkered flag 111 times during...
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Chevy Cancer Survivors Caravan for Childhood Cancer

‘National Teddy Bear Day’ fitting time for donation NEW YORK – Chevrolet is celebrating National Teddy Bear Day and teamGM Cares Week by donating 48 small and one very large teddy bear to the Sunshine on Wheels program at...
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Up close in personal with P.A.P.A. and auto celebrities

The Phoenix Automotive Press Association – A Mystery Organization? You’ve probably heard of the American Business Press Association, the American Amateur Press Association, and of course the big daddy of them all, the Assoc...
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Celebrity Interview with Chrome Underground

Chrome Underground – It’s a car show with a very REAL reality! By: Cathy Droz and Cathy Burford It was great to hear that a reality “car show” would be part of the Discovery Channel’s lineup this week. Let’s...
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