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FACEBOOK JUNKIE- TESTS THE MAZDA 6 By: Melanie Droz Shawcroft I have a serious confession to make – Facebook is consuming my life. I do not post as often as some and I am not a non-posting stalker like others, but I do sk...
by eboni


Tom’s Thumb Fresh Market
& The Ice Den

          By Cathy Droz and Cathy Burford  While it may seem like an odd pairing to combine what is basically an upscale carwash/bistro/market with an Ice Rink, it’s just a way to combine two super-c...
by eboni


Prescott – Arizona’s Christmas City

If someone asked you to name the city with the world’s largest gingerbread village, chances are you wouldn’t guess a city in Arizona.  But Prescott, Arizona is exactly where that village resides!  Just one of the many rea...
by eboni



Tolmachoff Farms; a great way to get the kids into the Fall season

This time of year sometimes brings memories of childhood days with a nip in the air, and porches adorned with pumpkins and cornstalks; that is, it does for those of us who grew up in the Midwest, or just about any rural America...
by eboni

Grandparents on the Go NFL 023

Maricopa Live Steamers

Honestly, I can’t remember how long ago I first heard about Maricopa Live Steamers and their Sunday train rides, but I do recall taking our first grandchild there as soon as she was old enough to ride. We took movies of her s...
by eboni



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