Adventure – Excitement – Fly Fishing?

The year 2012 is the year of “let’s try it” and never saying ” I should have or I could have”. The two Cathy’s… Droz and Burford joined an organization called Sister’s on the Fly. This is a group of “women only” that swears “we have more fun than anyone.”

You can join the group and travel by car, plane, RV or “travel trailer” to experience adventures in fishing and horseback riding all over the country. Since both Cathy’s experience in riding and fly fishing are limited they chose fly fishing to focus on right now. Cathy Burford has experience as a kid growing up in California with a Dad who was a true outdoor enthusiast. Droz growing up in New York City went on pony rides at the park as a kid and fishing was something she thought was a card game “go fish”. They also decided to try their hands at refurbishing a vintage travel trailer. With the help of their husbands and old fashioned elbow grease the Cathy’s have a new project and hobby to take them through 2012.

Join the AZ fly girls as they work on their trailer, experience fly fishing and travel with a caravan of women who empower one another while having fun. AZ Fly Girls is the name and the theme is vintage airlines for the interior of the trailer. Follow along on their adventure with photos and stories that only these two urban businesswomen and grandmothers can experience.

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